Auto Ninja Coin

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Auto Ninja Coin F.A.Q

Ninja Dog

Balance: 5.25255410

Level: 3

XP: 58

Level Up At: 75 XP

Auto Claims: 356

Ref Earnings: 0

Earn 50 Auto Cliams Every Lvl Up

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Auto Ninja Coin F.A.Q

Q. What is Auto Ninja Coins?
A. Auto Ninja Coin is a brand new cryptocurrency which was lauched Jan 22nd 2020.

Q. How do I collect Auto Ninja Coins?
A. Collect from supportive Faucets.

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Q. Have you a Web Wallet for ANC?
A. Yes, we do have a Web Wallet

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Q. Where can I spend ANC?
A. You will be able to buy things we offer in our Shop

Shop - In Development

Q. Can I Mine ANC?
A. You will be able to Mine ANC, Details To Follow